Our first annual Fundraiser of the school year is under way!  The students received a box of Hebert’s chocolate bars on Wednesday, September 16th.  They have until September 30th to sell one or more boxes.

For every $52 a family sells, they will receive 1 day out of uniform; up to 3 days total.  The winning class (based on the number of students in ratio to the amount of money returned) will receive an ice cream party.

The top 4 students who sell the most candy will receive a gift certificate.

When the candy is sold, return the money in the envelope provided and be sure to include the child’s name and grade.

If a student would like to sell more than one box, they can request another box in the school office.

Please return unsold chocolate bars as soon as possible so other students may sell them.


As you can see from the smiling faces below, this is always an exciting fundraiser for our students.  Take a look at our Hebert Candy Kick-Off Rally!


candy 3