February 8, 2017


Our STEM class today tested our engineering skills by building different kinds of BRIDGES! Inspired by the classic book, 21 Elephants and Still Standing, we made bridges tested by different weights like 21 batteries, 21 coins, 21 caps, 21 books, 21 crayons, 21 Legos.

The students explored 3 Bridge Stations where they designed, built and tested arch bridges, beam bridges, truss bridges and other bridges they can come up with. It was fun, seeing their creative and innovative designs and the teamwork that took place as each team moved around in each station.

Book: Twenty One Elephants and Still Standing by April Jones Prince

STEM Fun @ Home: Create a bridge using any material that you have in your house – blocks, bricks, sticks, paper, etc. and test its strength by putting some weight on top.

STEM Learning: Arch Bridge, Beam Bridge, Truss bridge, Balance, Weight, Counting, Engineering Design Process (ask-imagine-plan-build-test-improve), Problem solving