Once again, the STB School Band Program is available to students in Grades 3-8, with or without experience.  Half hour small group lessons are given during school.  Lessons do not conflict with crucial academic time.  Music times rotate each week so students are not taken from the same class.  Lessons are always rescheduled in the event of testing, critical review, etc.

Violin is offered to grades 1-8.

The annual tuition is divided into 8 monthly installments, October through May.  The first installment and the registration fee are due with this form.  The remaining 7 installments are due on the 1st of each month.  You will receive a payment sheet.  These installments may be paid by your credit card automatically.  You can prepay some or all installments at any time.  The monthly tuition installment amounts are:

  • $59 per month for 1 child
  • $98 per month for 2 children
  • $120 per month for 3 children
  • $10 per month for each child exceeding 3 children

Click on the links below to print out the Paul Effman Music Application for 2016-2017 or sign up HERE on the Paul Effman website.

Side One

Side Two

Mr. Cook and his colleagues from Paul Effman Music stopped by this week to demonstrate how to play the instruments that are available for lessons.  We hope to see many new musicians in the program this year!