It’s almost time for our Annual Holiday Fair and that means we need your help!  Our Baked Goods Table is a local favorite thanks to your talent and generosity!  The following is a suggested list of donations so that we have a variety of deliciousness on our tables!  If there is something else that you love to make, please feel free to do so!


Pre-K                   Brownies or cookies (any variety)

Kindergarten    Pies or whoopie pies (any variety except apple)

1st Grade           Cupcakes or cakes (any variety)

2nd Grade          Cookies (any variety)

3rd Grade           Bars or squares (lemon, magic bars, rice crispies treats, etc.)

4th Grade           Quick Breads – full size or mini (banana, zucchini, pumpkin, etc.)

5th Grade           Cupcakes or quick breads (any variety)

6th Grade           Pies or whoopie pies (any variety except apple)

7th Grade           Fudge or candy (peppermint bark, pb balls, lollipops, etc.)

8th Grade           Brownies (any variety)


Some other big sellers are specialties such as Italian cookies, cake pops, baklava, sweet bread, etc.  If you make these or any other special goodies, we would love to have them!  Baked goods can be dropped off at the school any time on Friday, November 18th.  We appreciate your homemade, nicely decorated, individually packaged items.

If you know ahead of time what you will be baking, please send me a note or email (include your name and donation item) so I have an idea of what we might still need.  Please contact me with any questions at rbingham@binghamlumber.com.  Thank you in advance for your help!

Rebekah Bingham