Blizzard Bags were developed in response to the large number of snow days we experience in New England each year. This year is predicted to be another “bad winter” which could result in many snow days. Making up snow days has always been challenging…going longer into June is difficult as students are less focused as the days grow hotter and their thoughts turn to summer vacation rather than the curriculum. Using April vacation days is never an easy or popular solution. So…what’s a Principal to do? With our Superintendent’s permission, STB and the other North County Catholic elementary schools are piloting Blizzard Bags as a way to keep our students learning and keep our curriculum moving forward despite the challenges of Mother Nature.

We all love a good old-fashioned snow day so let’s enjoy the first three days off for bad weather. We will make those days up in June. After that…Students will be provided with Blizzard Bags in advance as we move into the snow season.

Look for BB#1 to come home soon…please store this until ready for use!!

  • Students will be given appropriate curriculum materials which may include books to read. Many of these assignments will scaffold and review skills that have been taught. The assignments will either be aligned with what students are currently working on or review previously taught skills. The work provided will be something the student can complete independently or with little adult support; students will not work on new skills.
  • Students have one week to complete and turn in the work. Work will corrected and graded.
  • Teachers will be available during the snow day from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM via email to answer student or parent questions about an assignment. Blizzard Bags will come with information specific to your students’ teachers & assignments.
  • Students can complete the work ahead of time (so they can go out to play on the snow day!!!) but remember they have a week to finish and turn in the work.

If 85% of our students turn in their work, the day will count as a full day of school.