Important-AnnouncementTHURSDAY ENVELOPE HOME


Here’s how it works:

  • Each Thursday, your oldest or only child will bring home this envelope.
  • Please take some time to read through the contents.
  • Please sign Permission Slips and any other papers if needed.
  • Replace all the papers that need to come back to school, or send it back empty.
  • Sign and date the envelope so that we know you received the contents.
  • Send the envelope back to school the next day with your oldest or only child.
  • Use this envelope for any class or school information that you need to send to the school.

Our goals are to make it easier for you to get information to/from school and our classrooms in a timely fashion.  This is to let you know when to look for papers coming home and to reduce the amount of paper we are sending home to you.

Please help us with any suggestions to make this system work more smoothly!