One way you can support your child’s school is to be a part of the St. Bernard’s PTO! We are an organization made up of parents, teachers, and school staff. The PTO serves the school community through the volunteerism of parents, encouragement of teachers and students, community involvement, and aiding in the welfare of students and families. We sponsor several events throughout the year to help advance and support STB through fundraising. Some of these include the Holiday Fair, a Beer & Wine Tasting Event, the Spaghetti Supper, and the Summer Carnival. To read more about the PTO, please click on the reader below. If you wish to download and print the PDF, click HERE. To see a list of the current PTO officers and class reps for the 2016–2017 school year, scroll down to the bottom of this page.




2016–2017 PTO MEETINGS


First Full PTO Meeting:  Wednesday, October 12th

Holiday Fair Meeting:  Wednesday, November 2nd

Second Full PTO Meeting:  Wednesday, November 16th

*All meetings begin at 7 p.m. and take place in the school cafeteria.




Position Name
President Dan Hanlon
Vice President Kristin Sanderson
Recording Secretary Jane Fluharty
Treasurer Jennifer Ledoux
Publicity Coordinator Patricia Martin
Incentive Coordinator Rebekah Bingham
Pre-K Representative Michelle Cormier
Kindergarten Representative Jennifer Ledoux
1st Grade Representative Kristie Langtry
1st Grade Representative Chris Langtry
2nd Grade Representative Kristie Langtry
2nd Grade Representative Chris Langtry
3rd Grade Representative Jessica Krook
3rd Grade Representative Laura Sheridan
4th Grade Representative Claudia Norton
4th Grade Representative Jennifer Graves
4th Grade Representative Kelly Sylvia
5th Grade Representative Jennifer Ledoux
5th Grade Representative Eileen McDonald
6th Grade Representative Rebekah Bingham
6th Grade Representative Nancy Allen
7th Grade Representative Joanne Novelli
7th Grade Representative Laurie Bilotta
8th Grade Representative Lisa Gibbons
8th Grade Representative Denise Hanlon